Friday, 15 February 2013

Thrifty findings!

I thought I'd kindly share some of my latest charity shop booty with anyone whom may stumble across my daft blog!
Unfortunately the clothing isn't mine as I rarely find anything that would suit me anywhere close to my gargantuan size.

Beautiful Boden dress
Lovely Laura Ashley skirt (need two of these to fit my child bearing hips!)
Fatface blouse (if only this would fit my ample bosom)
Cute spotty Boden blouse with sequin detail on the sleeves.
So there you have it, great finds but sadly none for me, my daughter made out like a bandit as usual, much to her delight!

I have some smashing (bad choice of word there) china to post too, ooh, it's like winning the lottery when your stumble across a great find isn't it?



  1. Nice finds, I like the spotty Boden blouse - lucky daughter! I love vintage china also.
    M xxx

    1. Thank you! She does love a good rummage around the charity shops and luckily likes to create her own style rather than following the crowd so we're lucky too! China purchases to follow, I'm over the moon, must be a winning streak :) X

  2. I LOVE that Boden Dress! It is great when one finds secondhand treasure... I'm always finding lovely things but they are often too big!! Want to swap??
    Smiles Cass

    1. The dress is lovely isn't it? My daughter has just about worn it out already, she loves it. I must get some photos on here of our latest finds, Laura Ashley beauties. It's such a buzz when you spot a bargain, very addictive too.