Sunday, 24 February 2013

Check out me Booty!

I have some smashing (bad choice of words) lovely china to show off about.
These beauties are supposed to be going on our Vintage stall in a few weeks but whether I can part with them is another matter. 
That's the trouble I'm having right now you see. I have to part with it. I'm used to buying bit and bobs for home but the other week my lovely cousin told me that she was going to book a stall at a Vintage fair in the village where she works and would I like in on it! Well, I think she already knew the answer to that. We've talked about it for long enough but never actually got around to taking the plunge.
We visit the fairs, ooh and ahh, buy stuff and then daydream about our very own little stally type empire. In fact it's a dream of my sisters and mine to sell the stuff we make too. As my sister has a feisty two year old she will be jumping in when she can. So, here we are, attempting to take the first step towards our dream of even bigger and tastier stuff!

Who doesn't love a cake stand?
 Please ignore the wires and pipes behind my mixer, we're in the midst of installing new kitchen units and are umming and ahhing over wall tiles, anybody's guess when that'll be decided!

Johnson Bros. serving dish, always useful.

I just really like this glass dish, I can shove all manner of things in this and they'll look pretty :)
Probably bon bons as my cousin has an urge to plonk bon bons in any vessel she gets her mitts on!

I have more prettiness to share in the form of crockery, but for now that's all folks!

These bits I get to keep, these are my own so all is not lost. I do have my eye on a glass jug that's supposed to go on the stall but I need to twist my husband's arm about that, it'll look right at home amongst this lot too!
 Oh, I made this Honey cake today, it's out of this book I bought from The Works a couple of weeks ago and it slips down a treat with a steamy mug of tea (the cake, not the book) that would be just silly.



Friday, 15 February 2013

Thrifty findings!

I thought I'd kindly share some of my latest charity shop booty with anyone whom may stumble across my daft blog!
Unfortunately the clothing isn't mine as I rarely find anything that would suit me anywhere close to my gargantuan size.

Beautiful Boden dress
Lovely Laura Ashley skirt (need two of these to fit my child bearing hips!)
Fatface blouse (if only this would fit my ample bosom)
Cute spotty Boden blouse with sequin detail on the sleeves.
So there you have it, great finds but sadly none for me, my daughter made out like a bandit as usual, much to her delight!

I have some smashing (bad choice of word there) china to post too, ooh, it's like winning the lottery when your stumble across a great find isn't it?


Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Cake! That's all really.

Warning! Do not attempt to read this post if you are abstaining from cake!

Our September offerings.

I don't get together with other crafters to sew, knit or crochet, which does look like such fun.What I have been doing every four weeks since September 2012 however, is meeting up with my sister, cousins and Aunt at one of ours homes to hold our Cake and Bake Club. We all simply enjoy baking and most importantly, eating. We are greedy (even though not everyone will admit it) I will though, I'm a greedy for cake and even though I don't always take the biggest piece it doesn't mean I don't want to, so there! 

My sister's Lemonade cake, want more!

 Any hoo, it's really just an excuse to get together without it having to be at some annual event or other. We have so much fun chatting about our efforts and writing down comments in our 'minutes' book.
My latest entry taken from the recipe below, delicious!

The host is responsible for writing down our thoughts and comments for each offering so they can be very cutting (get it?) about a particular cake, pie etc. Or they can be very kind and diplomatic depending on the host of the evening.

Salted caramel chocolate cake made by my cousin-yum.

We are becoming more critical as the months go by though, I think you could call it constructive criticism...I think, but, I do worry that we are just enjoying insulting each others efforts a little too much. We share the same sense of humour which I suppose can be a little hard to take if you aren't used to it. However we cry with laughing at each other, it's so exhilarating!  Laughter is such a great tonic, what makes you laugh until you cry?