Friday, 19 April 2013

Easter eye candy.

I got a bit snap happy with my camera and thought I'd try to make up for the lack of posts lately with a few photos of all things Springlike and Eastery. I do need the practice, my photography skills are very poor, I haven't even read through my instructions and so know very little of the functions on my camera. So bear with me whilst I frolic in the blissful ignorance of admiring my lovely subjects photographed with a bare minimum of talent.
So pretty, I just have to remember to duck as I walk by the tree!

Bunny biscuits!

An Easter gift, well received.

Me Grandma's old vintage brolly.

Carrot cake made by my sister, definitely not one of your 5 a day though!

Larger than your average real carrot, reckon she got a tad carried away there.

Triple chocolate brownies.

Cupcake eggstravaganza!

Death by chocolate laden cupcakes!

Elderflower cupcakes, so lovely, I could eat one everyday.

Invasion of the tea towel bunnies!

This clay egg I made at school in 1981, I'd pity the poor hen that would have had to lay that one!

A permanent fixture outside the Bakewell Pudding shop.

A jaunt around Bakewell mid Easter hols.

A Mother's Day present from my eldest bunny :)

From my other two bunnies I received The Hunger Games books (first one is already away and in danger of being read before bedtime).

 Our 2013 Easter tree adorned with many kiddie makes.

So there you have it, told you I got carried away, this isn't all of them so think yourselves lucky and I even threw in a couple of pics of my Mother's Day gifts and the lovely Bakewell too. I may improve my photo taking ability, who knows? Then again I may just carry on inflicting any old snaps upon you regardless.


Beckah X