Thursday, 23 May 2013

Fairly good.

I started this post shortly after our first Fair and we've now ticked off three! I'll just bung a few photos of the latest one on and Bob's your Uncle! (I had two Uncle Bob's actually).

Well, we now have one Vintage fair under our belts and it was fun!
A pretty prim in a Johnson Bros. teapot, bet it won't look so good at the next fair!

Not the busiest do and I don't think we'll be standing there again as it was a bit pricey and not the best organised. But we did sell a decent amount of our wares and are looking forward to slightly bigger fairs.

The teapot at the back was our only new item but weirdly, for a Vintage Fair sold quickly!

Our beautiful tea set sold pretty fast too :(

So did this lovely tea for one set, so did the bunny!

The setting for our second Vintage Fair, the beautiful village of Tissington, Derbyshire.

Below was our latest Vintage and Handmade Fair held at Creswell Crags and was fantastic, beautiful weather, lovely friendly people, some wonderful entertainment and a perfect setting in the meadow.
Snapped this pic midst set up while it was quiet,
husband's are busily getting their priorities right and sorting out the picnic!
Our lovely blue china has diminished in size due to the sale of the pretty teapot along with the
 Wedgwood cups and saucers.
These beauties also sold, soooo  pretty!
They are indeed lovely, (we're not vintage, cheeky, the china!).
Oh, I just see the pretty pastel tea cups which have also left us for a new owner.
A much admired tea set above, we really don't mind having it in our possession for a little longer, it is just darling to feast your eyes upon.
This was made by my brilliant Uncle, I love it!

Entertainer, the lovely Miss Marina Mae sang some wonderful songs for us all.
She kindly posed next to our stall with her Mum, lovely ladies.

Here a some very friendly folk whom entertained us all with their wit and dancing abilities.

We have more Vintage loveliness to look forward to in the coming months so we are very excited as they are situated in some smashing towns and villages.

I need to post some of our latest charity shop clothing finds too, we have stumbled across some beauties of late and are feeling very tickety boo about our treasure!

Also, Cake Club catch up to make your mouth water.
I'll be back!



Friday, 19 April 2013

Easter eye candy.

I got a bit snap happy with my camera and thought I'd try to make up for the lack of posts lately with a few photos of all things Springlike and Eastery. I do need the practice, my photography skills are very poor, I haven't even read through my instructions and so know very little of the functions on my camera. So bear with me whilst I frolic in the blissful ignorance of admiring my lovely subjects photographed with a bare minimum of talent.
So pretty, I just have to remember to duck as I walk by the tree!

Bunny biscuits!

An Easter gift, well received.

Me Grandma's old vintage brolly.

Carrot cake made by my sister, definitely not one of your 5 a day though!

Larger than your average real carrot, reckon she got a tad carried away there.

Triple chocolate brownies.

Cupcake eggstravaganza!

Death by chocolate laden cupcakes!

Elderflower cupcakes, so lovely, I could eat one everyday.

Invasion of the tea towel bunnies!

This clay egg I made at school in 1981, I'd pity the poor hen that would have had to lay that one!

A permanent fixture outside the Bakewell Pudding shop.

A jaunt around Bakewell mid Easter hols.

A Mother's Day present from my eldest bunny :)

From my other two bunnies I received The Hunger Games books (first one is already away and in danger of being read before bedtime).

 Our 2013 Easter tree adorned with many kiddie makes.

So there you have it, told you I got carried away, this isn't all of them so think yourselves lucky and I even threw in a couple of pics of my Mother's Day gifts and the lovely Bakewell too. I may improve my photo taking ability, who knows? Then again I may just carry on inflicting any old snaps upon you regardless.


Beckah X

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Snow joke!

I'm not the messiah or a boy but I am a very naughty blogger!

I have posted nothing for so long, it isn't because I tire of typing all manner of happenings, but simply because I have been so busy preparing for our very first vintage stall...or was. Well, this and the fact that I lost every fight with my kids to the laptop recently, no more mention of that!  Any hoo, on Sunday we were due to trot over to a village roughly 20 miles away, not far is it?

For weeks we've been sourcing lovely crockery, admiring it, washing it, admiring it, packing it carefully away, getting it out to play with it, admired it some more and set up our stall for a practice run then admired that too. I made a few felt crafty bits and bobs, we painted some shelving for displaying our wares. We spent Saturday baking cakes to scatter around our much admired crockery and, snowed, *$#&*$£"*&^%$£"#! I have no idea what that is actually meant to be a substitute for but believe me it is a profanity worthy of  prosecution! A new swear word if you will.

So, after a phone discussion with my cousin and partner in crockery accumulation we decided that it wasn't worth trying to get to the village where it was to be held, the main roads were pretty bad (the one we live on has been closed for two days), and more snow had been forecast.
But what to do with so much cake?! Well, being the giving souls they are, my cousin and her husband said they would walk to our house and help us to sort out the plethora of cake we were in possession of. Isn't that just the kindest offer? Indeed they came and we polished off a rather large amount of our baked goods by which time the sun decided to appear and clear the roads. Fortunately we were in our happy place having consumed so much sugary fayre and so we simply laughed.

Yeah right, believe that last sentence and you'll believe anything! We did eat plenty, but laughing came after the disgruntled mutterings and tiniest, most ladylike usage of swear words, of course.

So, let's try to get back on track and fill in a couple of happenings.

Our latest Cake and Bake Club offerings.
My Aunt's veggie pasties, courtesy of The Hairy Dieter's cookbook.
We ate these alongside her homemade White Bean Soup, very tasty. 

We were two members down last meeting but we still ate more than was necessary.

 Cherry Cheesecake Pie, soooo nice, I'm very tempted to make this again for the next meeting
purely so as not to deprive our two missing members of it's deliciousness you understand.

We have acquired the habit of partaking in a healthy bowl of soup at kick off. At our first meeting we had only sweet entries and were all feeling extremely overindulged and fed up of cake. So now we have it in turns to produce a savoury dish whilst the host of the month supplies soup before we commence. We still overindulge though, naturally.

Top layer are my Espresso Cupcakes, wow, they give such a caffeine kick!
Bottom is my Husband's Honey Cake, a new favourite.
My sister's Chocolate and Pistachio Fudge, corr!

Here are a few little bowls for our stall, if I can bear to part with them!
I just love these bowls, I love roses and I love blue, what more could you ask, I ask yer?

 Pink and white prettiness.

We are booked at another Vintage Fair in a couple of weeks, all is not lost.
So, there you have it. A little catch up, boring it might be but I like to gaze upon tasty cakes and pretty china and so should you!



Sunday, 24 February 2013

Check out me Booty!

I have some smashing (bad choice of words) lovely china to show off about.
These beauties are supposed to be going on our Vintage stall in a few weeks but whether I can part with them is another matter. 
That's the trouble I'm having right now you see. I have to part with it. I'm used to buying bit and bobs for home but the other week my lovely cousin told me that she was going to book a stall at a Vintage fair in the village where she works and would I like in on it! Well, I think she already knew the answer to that. We've talked about it for long enough but never actually got around to taking the plunge.
We visit the fairs, ooh and ahh, buy stuff and then daydream about our very own little stally type empire. In fact it's a dream of my sisters and mine to sell the stuff we make too. As my sister has a feisty two year old she will be jumping in when she can. So, here we are, attempting to take the first step towards our dream of even bigger and tastier stuff!

Who doesn't love a cake stand?
 Please ignore the wires and pipes behind my mixer, we're in the midst of installing new kitchen units and are umming and ahhing over wall tiles, anybody's guess when that'll be decided!

Johnson Bros. serving dish, always useful.

I just really like this glass dish, I can shove all manner of things in this and they'll look pretty :)
Probably bon bons as my cousin has an urge to plonk bon bons in any vessel she gets her mitts on!

I have more prettiness to share in the form of crockery, but for now that's all folks!

These bits I get to keep, these are my own so all is not lost. I do have my eye on a glass jug that's supposed to go on the stall but I need to twist my husband's arm about that, it'll look right at home amongst this lot too!
 Oh, I made this Honey cake today, it's out of this book I bought from The Works a couple of weeks ago and it slips down a treat with a steamy mug of tea (the cake, not the book) that would be just silly.



Friday, 15 February 2013

Thrifty findings!

I thought I'd kindly share some of my latest charity shop booty with anyone whom may stumble across my daft blog!
Unfortunately the clothing isn't mine as I rarely find anything that would suit me anywhere close to my gargantuan size.

Beautiful Boden dress
Lovely Laura Ashley skirt (need two of these to fit my child bearing hips!)
Fatface blouse (if only this would fit my ample bosom)
Cute spotty Boden blouse with sequin detail on the sleeves.
So there you have it, great finds but sadly none for me, my daughter made out like a bandit as usual, much to her delight!

I have some smashing (bad choice of word there) china to post too, ooh, it's like winning the lottery when your stumble across a great find isn't it?