Thursday, 31 January 2013


I read an article about a family recently who have decided to buy only British this year simply to establish their patriotism and support British producers.

I do like to see our flag on things.
All very highly commendable, I admire them greatly, problem is I took it upon myself to join in and promptly announced to family and friends that I, too would be buying only British produce this year. I have a fairly multicultural family too, so in no way is it intended to disrespect other countries produce in at all. Just purely for the need to support our own industry, Totally Locally and all that.

How funny is this? English breakfast tea blended and packed in Germany
along with a Whittard tea cosy adorned with
Royal guards and Corgi's, made in China!


I also admire the patriotism shown by by Americans and Canadians, they fly their flag here, there and everywhere. My cousin in Canada seems to have no problem sourcing gifts for us with the Maple leaf emblem on and I think this is lovely. It is getting easier to find items here but I wonder if this will peter out as royal events aren't at the fore.

Trouble is I have big fat failed already! Typical, I get caught up in a moment and just run with it.
It would be quite an achievement for me to actually think things through before shouting it from the rooftops.

The very day I made the announcement I trotted of to buy a bechamal sauce, made in Poland.
As if that wasn't enough to establish the fact that I am such a flippety jibbet I accompanied my sister to Ikea just a couple of days after, I know! Could I make it any clearer that I am so very forgetful? Probably not.
All I have to do now is come to terms with my conscience and try a little harder...if I remember!

On the flip side I did get a couple of pretty things though ;)
A lovely little sweetie bowl
A pretty box for my daughter's room :)


Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fox Trot!

Saturday morning surprise!
Foxy Loxy and Basil Brush were at large in our garden.
We see them regularly at the front but not normally at this time of the day and on the back too. It was about 9am when our youngest son casually announced the presence of a fox on our back garden.
But, as we crept towards the back window and peered over to where he was pointing we realised we were under surveillance by another one tucked into a corner!
Got any Jelly babies?(sorry,I'm a sad old Basil Brush fan)

So beautiful close up, I was desperately trying to get my camera ready without alarming them. I'm not very good at photographing inanimate objects as it is, so you can imagine what a challenge it was for me to get any pics of wily foxes at all!

Foxy Loxy ignoring us.

The first fox, the smaller of the two appeared to have an injured paw and was running to and fro trying to find a means of escape. This isn't easy, even for a fox on our garden.
Our house has been the family home for over 43 years now and until 2009 my lovely Daddo lived here in which time he very thoroughly secured the whole perimeter to keep his dogs in. Luckily foxes are far more nimble than the dogs, so eventually they managed to scramble over a trellis topped fence leading to the side of the house. Now, although the side and front have also received the dog proofing treatment it's slightly easier for them to escape to freedom over the chainlink fencing which is concealed in the hedge, so off they went...after investigating the tyre swing!
Can you see them through the branches?
One to the left of the tyre swing, one to the right.
Basil under the table while Foxy Loxy heads for the corner.

The first fox was through the hedge and away closely followed by the second fox who had another lucky escape as it ran across the front of a car. Due to so much snow on the road the car was travelling very slowly, so all was well.

There you have the tale of Little Foxes on their Saturday morning jaunt.



Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Oh Crumbs indeed!
I can't believe that I have actually got this far with my own actual blog!
I have no idea why I'm doing it other than to amuse myself with my ramblings, I am a rambling gal of the highest calibre.
I've been reading some smashing blogs now for quite some time and they make me smile, laugh and occasionally cry.
I'm not a terribly exciting person, I don't have my own business, I just do day to day stuff which I thought might be quite nice to record on here and read back from time to time. I'll find it funny and my sister will too, I'm sure...if, in fact I pluck up the courage to tell her about it!

I do like stuff, pretty china, quaint stuff, I mess about making bits and bobs for my family and imaginary friends but I'm afraid I wear sensible shoes so you won't be seeing any sparkly high heel winkle picker type shoe on here. Apart from the fact that I can't walk in them I am 5'10" and very clumsy, not a great combination or even a remotely pretty sight.

This is a way of leaving comments on some lovely blogs without feeling like an intruder too, does that make sense? It does to me, I think.

Oh, it's snowing again, wonder if that's a sign that I am indeed making a fool of myself, more than likely is, it's what I excel in.

The thing is, if I don't do it now, while January is still upon us I'll have to wait until some other significant date. Weird? Oh I know I am, but I can't just embark on something like this randomly in the middle of February or March now can I?

I'll leave a snowy image of our garden, simply to be polite and topical and for my own amusement if nothing else!