Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Fox Trot!

Saturday morning surprise!
Foxy Loxy and Basil Brush were at large in our garden.
We see them regularly at the front but not normally at this time of the day and on the back too. It was about 9am when our youngest son casually announced the presence of a fox on our back garden.
But, as we crept towards the back window and peered over to where he was pointing we realised we were under surveillance by another one tucked into a corner!
Got any Jelly babies?(sorry,I'm a sad old Basil Brush fan)

So beautiful close up, I was desperately trying to get my camera ready without alarming them. I'm not very good at photographing inanimate objects as it is, so you can imagine what a challenge it was for me to get any pics of wily foxes at all!

Foxy Loxy ignoring us.

The first fox, the smaller of the two appeared to have an injured paw and was running to and fro trying to find a means of escape. This isn't easy, even for a fox on our garden.
Our house has been the family home for over 43 years now and until 2009 my lovely Daddo lived here in which time he very thoroughly secured the whole perimeter to keep his dogs in. Luckily foxes are far more nimble than the dogs, so eventually they managed to scramble over a trellis topped fence leading to the side of the house. Now, although the side and front have also received the dog proofing treatment it's slightly easier for them to escape to freedom over the chainlink fencing which is concealed in the hedge, so off they went...after investigating the tyre swing!
Can you see them through the branches?
One to the left of the tyre swing, one to the right.
Basil under the table while Foxy Loxy heads for the corner.

The first fox was through the hedge and away closely followed by the second fox who had another lucky escape as it ran across the front of a car. Due to so much snow on the road the car was travelling very slowly, so all was well.

There you have the tale of Little Foxes on their Saturday morning jaunt.




  1. You did well to snap MrFoxy & Basil :)

    We have them living near us but I've never managed a picture.

    1. Thank you Vicki,

      I was a bit frantic though!

      I'm clumsy at the best of times so you can imagine me trying to co-ordinate myself, camera, keep everyone quiet and move very slowly so that I didn't frighten them and I am not petite!


  2. I love seeing wildlife around. Foxes are such beautiful creatures, it's a shame that they are also such pests.
    They can make so much racket and for areas where there are no bins they are a nightmare for rummaging through bags to get food (I suppose you can't really blame them)
    It is lovely to see them like this in the garden though :) x x x x

    1. Hi Gem, they are beautiful aren't they?
      I never really thought of them as pests, we've never had a problem with them at all. Unless you count the eerie noises they make around Autumn!
      A couple of years ago we lived just around the corner and there were fields behind us, they were pretty noisy then!
      Now the fields are to the front of our home and I haven't noticed the noise at all.
      I put food scraps out for them too, much to my husband's annoyance :D X