Thursday, 31 January 2013


I read an article about a family recently who have decided to buy only British this year simply to establish their patriotism and support British producers.

I do like to see our flag on things.
All very highly commendable, I admire them greatly, problem is I took it upon myself to join in and promptly announced to family and friends that I, too would be buying only British produce this year. I have a fairly multicultural family too, so in no way is it intended to disrespect other countries produce in at all. Just purely for the need to support our own industry, Totally Locally and all that.

How funny is this? English breakfast tea blended and packed in Germany
along with a Whittard tea cosy adorned with
Royal guards and Corgi's, made in China!


I also admire the patriotism shown by by Americans and Canadians, they fly their flag here, there and everywhere. My cousin in Canada seems to have no problem sourcing gifts for us with the Maple leaf emblem on and I think this is lovely. It is getting easier to find items here but I wonder if this will peter out as royal events aren't at the fore.

Trouble is I have big fat failed already! Typical, I get caught up in a moment and just run with it.
It would be quite an achievement for me to actually think things through before shouting it from the rooftops.

The very day I made the announcement I trotted of to buy a bechamal sauce, made in Poland.
As if that wasn't enough to establish the fact that I am such a flippety jibbet I accompanied my sister to Ikea just a couple of days after, I know! Could I make it any clearer that I am so very forgetful? Probably not.
All I have to do now is come to terms with my conscience and try a little harder...if I remember!

On the flip side I did get a couple of pretty things though ;)
A lovely little sweetie bowl
A pretty box for my daughter's room :)



  1. Hello! Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog! It's so interesting to read about this 'made in Britain' I think it was Dom Jolly who did a program trying to fill his home with only British made goods...quite interesting but pretty hard these days!!
    Will definitely be popping back for another read!
    Ps lovely ikea buys! Even if they're not British! Xxx

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this :)
      Ooh, I haven't seen the Dom Jolly programme, it's sounds very interesting. It is far more difficult than I thought it would be, buying British only.
      I may have to be a defeatist over this one, at least in some areas!
      I go to Ikea to keep my sister company,not needing anything, not until I see something I REALLY NEED! :D X

  2. Ha ha this made me really chuckle. It's a little like breaking ALl your new year resolutions. Which I have done.
    Loving the sweet bowl.I so love Dom Joly.

    1. I know! I don't even bother making new year resolutions, and this is why!
      Rubbish aren't I?
      Never mind, my intentions are good?
      The bowl is empty now, ooer.
      He is a funny guy.
      Thank you for nipping here to have a gander Gem X

  3. I try to buy American and local when I can, particularly food.
    It's hard though, about all I manage is to not buy Chinese, they're quality control leaves a lot to be desired.

    1. We do have to support our local industry don't we?! Good for you, it's tricky not buying Chinese though, not sure I should boycott it either as my cousin's wife is Chinese and I wouldn't want to offend her, she's lovely.
      Thank you for taking the time to read my bloggy offerings, I shall pop over to read yours too X

  4. I too recently partook in a trip to Ikea, (my sister and I go there for the reasonably priced food) and I purchased a couple of rather nice pasta bowls. They weren't made in England, but hold my food spectacularly well. :D

    1. You have a sister? Is she of modelesque stature with an awesome elegance? The bowls don't hold your food for long I'll wager! ;) X

    2. Good day Beckah,
      My sister has often been described as being "mirandaesque", and very, very similar to yourself. xxxx :)

    3. You funny lady little sis! XXXXX

  5. Just stumbled over your blog, Hi!
    Very good idea but I wouldn't even attempt it, far too disorganised.
    Good luck. X

    1. Thank you for reading, I'm off to read yours now, just had a peek and it is lovely and colourful. I shall read as I stitch today, ooh, I do love a smashing new blog to follow! X