Sunday, 24 February 2013

Check out me Booty!

I have some smashing (bad choice of words) lovely china to show off about.
These beauties are supposed to be going on our Vintage stall in a few weeks but whether I can part with them is another matter. 
That's the trouble I'm having right now you see. I have to part with it. I'm used to buying bit and bobs for home but the other week my lovely cousin told me that she was going to book a stall at a Vintage fair in the village where she works and would I like in on it! Well, I think she already knew the answer to that. We've talked about it for long enough but never actually got around to taking the plunge.
We visit the fairs, ooh and ahh, buy stuff and then daydream about our very own little stally type empire. In fact it's a dream of my sisters and mine to sell the stuff we make too. As my sister has a feisty two year old she will be jumping in when she can. So, here we are, attempting to take the first step towards our dream of even bigger and tastier stuff!

Who doesn't love a cake stand?
 Please ignore the wires and pipes behind my mixer, we're in the midst of installing new kitchen units and are umming and ahhing over wall tiles, anybody's guess when that'll be decided!

Johnson Bros. serving dish, always useful.

I just really like this glass dish, I can shove all manner of things in this and they'll look pretty :)
Probably bon bons as my cousin has an urge to plonk bon bons in any vessel she gets her mitts on!

I have more prettiness to share in the form of crockery, but for now that's all folks!

These bits I get to keep, these are my own so all is not lost. I do have my eye on a glass jug that's supposed to go on the stall but I need to twist my husband's arm about that, it'll look right at home amongst this lot too!
 Oh, I made this Honey cake today, it's out of this book I bought from The Works a couple of weeks ago and it slips down a treat with a steamy mug of tea (the cake, not the book) that would be just silly.




  1. Lovely finds - good luck with selling at fairs :)

    I might have a dabble in that this year as I need to move and have rather too much stuff for a smaller house :(

    I definately think teenagers just drift off when they get in the shower - big son is the worst culprit - if not reminded am sure he'd stay in there all day !!

    1. Thank you, we are sooo looking forward to it!

      You should give it a go too, I bet you'll unload one lot of stuff just to replace it with some more though, I know I will have to try to resist.

      Teenagers hey? Lovely little weirdos!


  2. Hello Beckah! Thanks for dropping into Thriftwood and for your kind comments ... I'll join you in a cup of tea (not literally) and peruse your blog too!

    Your new follower, Claire xxx

    1. Hello Claire, you are welcome, I'm having fun reading through your blog, I see we have a great deal in common, I think that is the way with many of us like minded bloggers though.
      It's so nice to find people out there who are similar, I've always been considered a little strange amongst many of the people I've grown up with in the village simply because I don't follow the flock, it's how we've been raised.

      I'm afraid it won't take you long to read through my meagre offerings blogwise, I'm new to the contribution side of it although I have been reading many for quite some time.

      Such fun, thanks muchly X

  3. love all ur gorgeous vintage treasures!if only i could come along to the fair!

    1. Thank you, I will have trouble parting with them unfortunately, that's the problem with buying lovely things that we like so much I guess :/
      I wish you could come along too, it would be great to meet bloggy folk.

      I'm going to check out your blog next!

      Thank you for popping by X

  4. Oh I love your vintage china, especially the cake stand - so gorgeous. The vintage far sounds lots of fun. Like the look of your honey cake too, yum. The Works is great for baking and craft books isn't it? Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog, so sweet of you and I really appreciate it :)
    M xxxx

    1. It's a very pretty cake stand isn't it? I'd love to keep it but my husband doesn't agree, 'how many flipping cake stands do you need?' is his reaction if I suggest it, boo, hiss I say.

      The Honey cake is very tasty, I think it will be making an appearance at our Cake club on Saturday, a fresh one mind you :)

      The Works is great, I love a good search around the shelves for a good read.

      You're very welcome, I really enjoy reading your blog, rest assured I'll be a regular visitor to it! :)
      Thank you for taking the time to read mine too X

  5. I love your blog loads. Wish I'd nominated you for an's hard when you try to think of seven and my blog list is quite long.
    Anyway, I blinking love your blog so there!!!
    LOVE your vintage stash, I want it all esp the Jelly mould and cupcake stand.

    1. Oh crikey Gem, I would freeze up or probably freak people out with my answers if I got an award and had to answer questions, so don't worry about that lady!
      I'm flattered that you like my blog, I reckon it's pretty boring compared to the others I read, yours makes me laugh so much. I think we all get into some awkward situations but you relay them through your blog so well, it's just brill.
      I know I'm going to be narrowing my eyes at people buying our lovely crockery, I'm rather hoping we bring most of it back so that I can sneakily distribute it throughout the house without my husband noticing.
      Thank you for reading, I'm shocked that folk are interested really but it's more fun than keeping a diary.


  6. I have to say Beckah, I'm wanting to keep the rosey cake stand and green glass dish for my own private bon bon or Russian teacake display. My sister makes the most delicious Russian Teacakes and I plan on ordering some more whenever I can twist her arm. xx

    1. Hmmm, that's all very well Elizabeth but it isn't Christmas now and Russian teacakes are traditionally enjoyed at Christmas as you well know. Until the next Yuletide celebrations you'll have to stick to M&M's, Minstrels, Revels or similar.
      Also, the cake stand and dish are at my house so you'll have to have some cool moves up your sleeve to get them out from under my beady eye.